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All About Our Piano Remodeling Services

Better Sounds Piano Tuning has been taking care of the pianos in Middle River, MD since 1972. After gaining expertise and in-depth knowledge, we became one of the leading companies in the local area. So if you are looking for an expert who offers piano remodeling services or piano regulation services, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more!

Piano Service

Piano Service

Piano Polishing Services – Most people find the look of a well-maintained piano charming. To make sure that it remains that way, we would have to take extra care and clean it. Before starting, we would have to determine whether polyester or lacquer was used for its finishing. To avoid scratching it, we will always dust your piano first. We will remove specks of dust from your piano by lightly wiping it with a soft damp cloth. Just like any other woodwork, it is susceptible to moisture. It is greatly affected by the changes of the level of humidity in the room. So considering the effects of moisture, we will immediately follow the trail of the damp cloth with a dry one. We would only use a cloth made out of soft cotton because synthetic fabrics can scratch it. When we are wiping it, we will follow the grain of the wood because using circular movements will leave swirling marks. Now, we are ready to polish your piano.

Piano Restringing – We will apply the same dedication when restringing your piano as well. The strings would lose their efficiency when they lose their elasticity or rust has set in. So whenever you need to change the strings, we have to take the measurements of the current ones. We will put soft pads in several places of your piano while we work so that it will not be scratched. To make sure that we do not damage the plate, we will lower the string tension gradually. After taking all of these safety measures, we can start restringing your piano.

Piano Climate Control System Set Up – Piano climate control systems are designed to stabilize the humidity within the soundboard of your piano. To do so, the systems use an electronically controlled humidifier and dehumidifier. These two devices are continuously monitored and controlled by a third component called a humidistat. Together, the system maintains an ideal climate for your piano while requiring much interaction from you.

Whether you need a piano regulation or tuning service, we can help you. All you need to do is pick up your phone and dial (410) 220-0905 right away!

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