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Need Some Tips on How to Care for Your Piano?

Need Some Tips on How to Care for Your Piano?  

Tips by a Piano Repair Service Provider

Having a working piano can bring hours of enjoyment to the whole family. But like with everything else, a piano will need periodic maintenance from a professional piano repair service to ensure continued performance year after year. However, in order to understand what maintenance will be needed, it’s crucial for one to fully understand the nature of a piano.

The melodious sound of a piano is down to a remarkable combination of wood, metal, wool and buckskin. Together, they will create the timeless sound which no other instrument can duplicate. Even though electronic synthesizers can mimic the sound of a piano, they are unable to match the beauty of the real thing.

How to care for a piano’s wooden finish?

As with every piece of wooden furniture, make sure you do not put any hot or cold drinks on its surface. A piano’s finish will only need occasional cleaning with a dry or damp cloth. However, an older piano will benefit from the occasional polishing, even though frequent polishing is not advisable.

What is a piano’s action and why will it require maintenance?

When you take a peek inside your piano, you will see a cast iron plate with steel and copper strings over a soundboard. Take a closer look, and you will also see an intricate system of springs, levers, and hammers which are connected to the keyboard.

The intricate system will make the hammers strike a string when a key is pressed, this is known as the piano’s action. It is an engineering marvel, which is composed mainly of wool felt and wood. This mechanism must be responsive to every nuance of a pianist’s touch, such as loud chords to soft and delicate passages.

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